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Jeep Wave!

Should you wave?? Of course you should wave! But that is the simple answer, here we’ll share the rules regarding the Jeep wave, who waves, and where it came from. Or well, how we’ve had the rules defined to us over the years. If you like it, feel free to share it; if you have anything that should be added or changed, shoot us an email!

All Jeeps wave to each other, simple as that! While some will say it’s only the Wranglers (That includes you, new JL owners and even the JT.), we’ve seen Jeep waves from Cherokees & Grand Cherokees. It’s been that way for generations and unless we take the time to educate new Jeep owners about this, it’s something that could slowly fade away.

If you get waved at by a Jeep you weren’t expecting to wave at you (say a Cherokee), then that’s ok, try and get your wave up there quickly, or just out of habit wave to them too all the time.

We’re all a part of the Jeep family, so remember that when other Jeep brands wave or talk Jeep with you. It doesn’t matter if you have a Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Commander, Liberty, Compass or Patriot. We’re all one with the love of Jeep.

But where did it come from??

The history of the wave varies by source. There are two common theories, both back from the days of World War 2. One theory states that while the Jeeps were on the battlefield they were being used as workhorses, shuttling troops and supplies back and forth to the front line. As Jeeps would pass, they would wave at each other, rather than saluting in case an enemy happened to notice.

The other theory is that when the troops returned home, they wanted the same kind of offroad powerhouse that they had at war and purchased the new domestic Jeeps. When they passed each other on the road, they would wave to each other as a sign of respect, as it was most likely another veteran in their Jeep.

Thus the tradition began, and continued. The Jeep wave has been around many decades and is something that many of us would love to see continue. So next time you pass a Jeep, any Jeep, raise that hand and give them a wave.

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